Faithless Redux

Episode 2

Goblin-Aid 2015

Upon the party’s return to Irondell (with the stolen goods in tow), they are thanked and rewarded handsomely by Mayor Madsen. Ishreigh realizes that he has been away from the shop for a long while and returns, hoping that not too much has gone wrong in six days. The rest of the party exits town hall and almost immediately encounters a runner from the opposite end of Irondell that is flanked by two figures; Maribell Gemshine, gnome druid, and Harbek Battlehammer, dwarf fighter. The boy informs the group that there are reports of goblins attacking the walls on the other side of town. Mayor Madsen asks the party, now accompanied by Maribell and Harbek, to investigate. The party approaches the wall and sees the corpses of several goblins scattered on the road. After questioning the archers positioned on the wall, the party determines that the goblins are not armed for conquest and instead look as though they are dressed in ceremonial garb. Sensing that things are not what they appear, the party decides to set out for the goblin village located in the mountains. After three days of travel (during which the party makes prodigious use of the bag of tricks they were given by Caroline), they spy the settlement over a ridge. As they approach, they spot a set of humanoid tracks exiting the village. The party decides to split up, with Maylyn, Mordai, Mordai’s bear and Enna entering the settlement to treat with the goblins and Maribell, Harbek, Brant and the rest of the party’s animal companions following the tracks. Inside the settlement the goblins, realizing the party is not there to attack, lead them to a shrine-like chamber where the goblin high priest is in a catatonic state and the holy symbol of Malglubiyet is split cleanly in half. Enna is able to revive the priest, who weakly mumbles in broken Common something about the power being gone before passing out again. Meanwhile, the tracking team follows the trail of prints out of the village into a clearing where they find a perfect circle of burned land that radiates both arcane and divine magical energy. Stumped, Harbek decides to continue up the trail with Brant to pay homage at the shrine to Moradin in the mountains while Maribell returns to wait outside the goblin village. While praying, Harbek is suddenly struck with divine inspiration. He hears the voice of Moradin telling him to fix the imbalance. Harbek grabs Brant and tells him that they need to leave. They run back down the road to the goblin village, where Enna, Mordai and Maylyn learn from the now-revived goblin high priest that a figure in all black armor wielding a black sword came through the shattered holy symbol on the day it broke. The goblins attempted to attack him, but he completely ignored their weapons. Clearly shaken, the goblin passes out again. The party decides to return the Irondell to relay what they have learned and hopefully obtain more information about what has happened.



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