Faithless Redux

Episode 1

The Bandit Problem

On a sunny day Friday morning in the middle of summer, Maylyn is approached by Caroline Madsen and asked to gather anyone she knows that has knowledge of tracking or survival in a wilderness environment. After thinking for a moment, she heads out in the direction of the Emerald Forest in search of Brant. Meanwhile, Ishreigh is illuminating in the back room of Anduralian’s when a well dressed half-elf bearing the Astor’s colors enters the shop and requests his presence at town hall to discuss a matter of great importance. Enna is busy providing refreshments to the patrons of an outdoor art show, but looks up just in time to see a halfling bearing the Astor colors approach. He introduces himself as Aldric and asks that she allow him to escort her to town hall as her skills are needed. As Ishreigh leaves Anduralian’s he runs into Mordai, who is in town to purchase exotic herbs. The two realize they are heading the same direction, and engage in awkward small talk as they walk into the center of town. Maylyn finds Brant bench pressing turtles under a tree and tells him that the mayor needs them. They gather his things and set off for town hall. Ishreigh and Mordai approach town hall when Aldric exits, spots Mordai, and lights up, saying that Mordai was the next person on his list to find. After some convincing, Mordai agrees to enter and hear what he’s been conscripted into.

The five of them enter town hall and wait for several minutes before a tall, statuesque man enters and introduces himself as Stor Brighton. Stor tells the party that a group of bandits has been terrorizing the road between Benalia and Irondell and that recently a very important message that was bound for Irondell was intercepted. He asks the party if they would be willing to track down the bandits and recover the stolen parcel in exchange for a monetary reward, as well as any personal effects from the bandits they deem neccessary. Although it requires some deliberation, the party agrees. They set out down the road, and after two days of travel, they find themselves at the approximate location of the attack, and Mordai asks a passing squirrel if it knows the location of the bandits. The squirrel leads Mordai, Ishreigh and Enna on a mad dash through the forest to the camp, while Maylyn and Brant stay on the road. As Mordai and the others are running, they are suddenly stopped by several bandits that were waiting in ambush positions. After a tense standoff in which Enna is injured, the sentries are quickly dispatched. Hearing the commotion, Maylyn and Brant come running from the road and meet up with the party. They determine that there are several other bandits over the rise and they begin to create a plan as to how to get rid of them. The party launches a surprise attack on the remaining bandits, and all but one are cut down; the last is left unconscious for questioning.

They tie the remaining bandit up and revive him. They learn that the head of the bandits will be returning soon, and that the shipment that the party is looking for is in the cave the bandits are using as their hideout. Enna thanks the captive for the information and unties him to let him leave, bidding that he turn to Corellon’s guidance. As the bandit runs past Brant, Brant takes one swing and nearly bisects the bandit. Enna is taken aback, and after a brief confrontation, retreats into a clearing to meditate. Ishreigh enters the cave to find the parcel while the remaining party members prepare an ambush for the returning bandits. After several minutes, Ishreigh leaves the cave followed by a fire elemental. Not long after, the remaining bandit party returns, but the ambush that has been prepared for them is efficient and deadly. After only moments, the remaining bandits have been destroyed and the party makes camp before setting out for Irondell the next morning. Upon their return two days later, Caroline and Stor both thank the party, and Stor gives them the agreed upon reward and also says that if work appears in the future, they will be the first group he contacts.



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