If you don't put down that fish, I swear to the gods...


A sheep has left the fold ,
A lamb has left the fray,
We stride towards the pearly gates,
And find we are turned away.
The Truth we learned is damning,
It has led us all astray,
And as madness comes and takes our minds,
We turn and greet the new day.

Some say insanity is a disease. I say it is a cure. A cure for boredom, lonliness, the monotony of a normal life. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Andurelian’s is my little false paradise. For if everything is perfect how can there be a paradise? I for one wish to make my own paradise here. Is that really so insane?

I had so much more to say, yet I lost it. I lose a lot of things these days.

A shattered mirror is such a perfect symbol, for how many times may a mirror be shattered before it ceases to be a mirror?

The cause is just but I know not of the outcome. How many crusades against the unknown have failed in the end? History is such a trivial thing. Is there truely truthful history? Or merely pretty lies told by the victor? Is history perspective, or linear? So many questions.

A clock winding down, the count almost done. The count to what? Tick tock tick tock.

Ishreigh’s favorite song


Faithless Redux Sol_Man