List of shops in Irondell

Irondell contains a place to purchase most anything anyone could wish to.

The Broken Axle Inn:

The Fired Hearth Inn:

The Dire Dwarf Tavern:

The Stoneroot Inn: Owned and operated by Jek Madsen, this inn located at the foot of the Dawnforge Mountains is the best place for adventurers to get a hot meal and a bed (if they don’t mind the ever-present crowd of miners)

The Crag and Bough Tavern:

Pebble’s Rest Inn:

Due to the sheer amount of iron its citizens collect and work, a large number of smithies are required to meet the demands of every settlement that request iron goods from Irondell. As such, each smithy specializes in creating a certain type of good, and an aspiring blacksmith will be apprenticed to all of them until that smith’s abilities have been thoroughly tested.

Small Tools:
Mining Equipment:

Additionally, any Dwarves who display an aptitude for smithing above and beyond what is considered average Dwarven ability are invited to join the Sunhammer Guild.


General Goods
Girda’s Goods -

The Fair Trade-In -

Specialty Shops
Anduralian’s -

The Worn Sole -

List of shops in Irondell

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