Irondell is one of the largest towns in the Merell province, in the duchy of Astoria. It sits in a valley at the foot of the Dawnforge Mountains on the edge of the Emerald Forest. A mining community, it gets its name from the never-ending iron vein that runs from the mountain into its foundation. It is Merell’s largest producer of iron goods, and consequently enjoys more patronage from Benalia than other settlements in the region.

Irondell is home to a population of about 5,500, a majority of which are involved in the mining, smelting, and working of the metal that gives the town its name. 80% of the population is made up of humans and dwarves, with the other 20% being made up of halflings and half-orcs, although occasionally an elf will emerge from the forest and settle down within its walls.

Irondell, while located in the Astorian duchy, is directly ruled over by Viscount Theodor Dalka. Its day-to-day administration is the responsibility of Mayor Caroline Madsen, with small matters falling under the purview of the Iron Council.

Irondell is bordered on the north and east by the Dawnforge Mountains. What portions of the town that are not protected by the mountainside are surrounded by a twelve foot high wall. Viscount Dalka’s defense force numbers about 500 and also serves as the police force within the walls. Dalka also retains a personal guard of his ten most-trusted soldiers, nicknamed Stonehands.

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Irondell boasts a large assortment of shops for any need. Within its walls, a traveler will find six inns and taverns of varying sizes, two general goods stores, seven smithies, a curiosities shop, a cobbler, and a weaver.

Irondell is home to major temples of five gods:

The Sunhammer Guild is an organization made up of the best dwarven craftsmen across the Merell province. While they have influence in every settlement in Astoria, their headquarters is located in Irondell.

A chapter of the Merchant’s Guild is also located in Irondell.

Although no one can confirm its existence, it is whispered that the Blooded have established a base of operations somewhere inside Irondell.


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